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Commander's skullhelm, gives him a rather dreadful look. It adds darkness to his personality, and looks like a man who can get the job ...

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One can find peace and tranquility in this animation. The flow of hair, is marvelously done. Of course so is the entire flow of animati...


Scorpion by Nick5200
Hello guys, long time xD
Just played MK9. so I decided to draw Scorpion, tried to do him in old school way.
Moments of grim silence followed, as the child looked towards the grand gates.
His mind still couldn't accept the thought, that he was outside the "Grand Wall".
"Kid you better run!" When suddenly one of the mageknights yelled, from atop the walls.
"Those towers will be activated soon," Man yelled, whilst pointing towards one of the towers "and they won't be friendly towards you either!"

Towers were the city's strongest line of defense, they would scorch anything with rays of fire.
For on top of the towers, were the dragon heads. And their eyes, were always in search for intruders.
They would scorche even the people who came from inside the grand wall, no one is ment to leave the city.
For being outside the walls, ment a certain death.

When a person is cast out of the city, the first thing one needs to do. Is get away as far as possible, from the walls and the towers.
Panic took over the boy, as he began to run towards the forest.
He ran as fast as he could, the more he ran, more his heart raced.

And whilst he ran, the stone road which led to the city, was slowly devoured by moss and roots of the plants.
The crimson sky, was hidden by the crowns of trees.
Soon, he was in the shadow of the forest. Trunks of the trees, seemed like some deformed figures.
With twisted faces on them, some smiled whilst others, wept.

Relictus stopped to take his breath for a moment, he slowly looked around.
Chilling mist spread as far as the eye could see. Songs of insects, echoed from the distance.
And a strong sense of danger, swept around the boy.

To the left, his eyes found the dread.
to the right, he found the blight.

Whilst breathing heavily he took out the necklace, which he recived from the priestess.
And put it around his neck, for the wings of an angel. Were there to guide the lost souls, through the dark.
But those were only tales, one could find tons of such necklaces in the market for a cheap price.
For they were ment to be only a simple "good luck" charm.

The forest was dark, fading rays of the sun could be seen. Piercing the thick crowns of trees.
Relictus began to walk. Towards where, he did not knew.
But he had to continue, or else he would be a sweet meal for horrors of the night.

Time passed, and night slowly came. Whispers of the wind and sounds of leaves, spread around him.
Shadows from afar seemed like living creatures, always following him, always glareing at him.
A sense of fear appeared in his mind. Fear, of the dark.

Constant fear, of something which is near. And yet, not there.

He could barely see ahead of him, from the dreadful cold mist.
Strange sounds would occasionally echo in the distance, sometimes it would be the sound of broken branches.
And sometimes, howling of the wolves.

The boy decided to climb to a nearest tree, to spend the night.
As he went towards the tree, he heard noise coming from the bushes behind him few steps away.
When a sudden urge to move faster, awoken in his mind and body.
And fear swept across his back, for he dared not look behind.

Suddenly the boy ran towards the tree, from all his might.
When something behind him jumped out of the bushes, and chased after him.
He knew that the creature was right behind him, as it made horrible moans and weird screams.

When he was close enough, the boy stepped and jumped from a large rock. Which was near the tree.
He grabbed for one of the tree's branches, but barely held for it.
As he hanged, the boy tried to climb on the thick branch for which he held.

When suddenly, he felt sharp claws, grabing and injuring his leg.
A cry of pain, left the boy's mouth. And the creature, tried to dragg him down.
It made hisses, and angry screams. As it was hungry for child's flesh.

The boy tried to break loose, from it's grip. By hitting it in it's claws, with his left leg.
But the more he hit the creature, the more it became enraged.

His hold of the branch, began to weaken. His strenght, was about to abandone him.
"Let me go!" The child in fear yelled.
He was about to let go of the branch, when suddenly the creature left him alone.

With last of his strenght, boy climbed on the thick branch. And as he lay on the branch, he searched for the creature with his eyes.
But it was nowhere to be found.
The howling became louder and louder, as it seemed that the wolves were near.
When down below, another shadow passed through. With speed that of an lightning.

Brief moments of silence followed, as the boy tried to stay silent from all his might.
He slowed down his breathing, and tried to stay calm. For he did not knew, what kind of horror came.
From the nerby bushes echoed a familiar scream, that of anger and pain.
And then an angry roar followed, as the sound of broken branches and bushes filled the air.

Screaming and roaring echoed through the forest, as the two creatures fought.
The boy did not knew where to look with his eyes, for the noise came from all around him.
When one of the creatures, flew out from the nerby shadows, and hit the trunk of a tree, with it's body.

Soon after, the other creature jumped out of nowhere. And began to rip appart, the already dead monster.
As the boy witnessed the brutality, which went on bellow him. The other shadow seemed like an enormous wolf standing on two legs.
With strong arms and shoulders, and a tail.
"Hide me o'nature." The boy chanted a spell, and slowly his entire body and clothes. Gained a texture of a tree.

The spell blended the boy with tree's branches and leaves, hiding him from the horrors of the forest.
An hairy muscular arm, suddenly came from above him. It grabbed for the very branch, the boy lay upon.
It was so close to his face, that he could clearly see sharp claws.

He dared not move, lest he would become meal. For whatever was above him.
Creature bent down it's head, as it looked towards the carcass and the other creature.
The two seemed like they were communicating, between eachother.

When boy looked close enough at the creature, whos head was right next to his face. It's head had a shape that of an wolf.
Now Relictus was certain, that the two creatures were werewolves.
One that was above him jumped down, and the two dragged away the corpse, of unknown creature.

He waited in silence, as the sounds of bushes and broken branches faded away into the distance.
Boy waited, and waited. Until only the sound of wind and dancing leaves, filled the air.
It was late night, from the mist, the ground was lost to the eye.
Strange shadows, were dancing in the distance.
Only the slight fading light of the moon, provided some small guidance to the child's eyes.

Boy mustered the courage, to move again.
He turned around, and sat on the thick mossy branch.
Pain in his right leg became unbearable, he quickly took off his shoe to see the wound. And put it, in his lap.

It was the child's luck, that the wolves made a bloody mess below him.
For the scent of blood, weighted heavily in the air around the tree. And so, they were unable to pick his scent.
He bled slightly from his wound, which was right above the ankle. Child quickly took the book, from his leather bag, which was around his waist.

Relictus picked a leaf from the nerby branch, "Illuminate" and chanted whilst opening the book.
Leaf began to glow, with gentle blue light.
As he sought a spell, which could heal him. After few turned pages, the boy found what he was looking for.

A spell named Curaga, it was an rather old spell. But it could heal some wounds nevertheless.
"Anora curaga." The child silently chanted, as he put his right hand onto the wound.
Slowly, below the hand appeared a soft red light. His pain began to fade away gradually.
And the boy's strenght, was drained even more from the spell.

Tired and exhausted, he removed the hand from his wound. Only to see it partally healed.
The important thing, was that the bleeding has stopped. Wound itself would be better by morning.
Relieved, "Hide me o'nature." he chanted the same spell. Which blended him with the tree.

He fell asleep, and was yet to be a witness to the morning sun.
Shadows passed over his closed eyes, as the cold wind began to blow.
Grass and weeds on the ground moved restlessly, as the earth sprung with small life forms.

From glowing little insects to snakes and wolves, all the way to Moonlight roses which shun with soft silver light.
The moon roses were extremly rare, for they grew and bloomed only on the earth where flow of Mana was strong, and when the moon flew across the night sky.
For Mana, was the lifeblood of the planet.

And in all directions around the child, forest devoured the land.
And thus time passed, as the birds of the night jumped to the flight.
From the chilling wind, the boy woke up. It has been a few hours, since he fell asleep.

His wound had almost healed, and he thanked the gods that he was still alive.
Dawn was near, and the spell which kept him hidden. Faded away.
He sat up, on the branch. And noticed that the sky, became brighter.

In the world of Nightwalia, the day was never very bright. The sun always shun with either blue or red fadeing light.
Durning the endless cycle of night and day, the sun would shift colors every time with an eclipse.
An eclipse would happen every second day. From red to blue and from blue to red, sun would shift.

For the Moon, affected the sun, and the sun affected the moon.
And both orbited around the world of Nightwalia.

Cold morning breeze, swept across his face. As the raven's grim song, echoed in the morning silence.

The child continued to climb up on the tree, as he wanted to reach the very top of it.
Slowly, he made his way to the top. And as he uncovered the leaves, he witnessed an beautiful sunrise in the distance.
Sun was being born again in the east, behind the horizon.

Blue sun of gentle hope, to comfort those near the slope.
With it's blue sunrays it pierced the crowns of waveing trees, and woke to life the honey bees.

It's blue gentle light, blessed his heart with hope.
Hope, that he may yet to survive. In this dangeorus world.
Back to the west, the boy saw the city and it's high towers in the distance.

He was tormented only by one thought, whilst he looked towards the towers.
Who and why, murdered those three boys? Back in the city.
For Relictus was certain, that he was not the cause of their deaths.

He turned back his head, towards the east and the sun.
Far in the distance, the forest seemed to be less thicker.
And he noticed a lake, which shun with blue light, as the water reflected the sunrays.

To the north, tall white mountains stood. Their sheer size, put the city's grand walls, to shame.
Tales spoke of grand citadel ruins, which lay beyond the great white mountains.
It was told, that in those cursed ruins. One could find relics of old, which contained limitless power.

But those were just stories, and all who went towards the white mountains. Never returned.
For world outside the city walls, was indeed perilous.
Slowly, Relictus climbed down the tree. Branch by branch.

And he went towards the east, for he knew what awaited him there.
Vast grasslands, and beyond them. An ocean.

The forest, seemed less hostile durning the day. But still dangerous.
For horrors of the night, were only replaced, with horrors that of the day.
As the day went on, the mist became less thicker. And one could clearly see far into the distance.

But no matter how old the day grew, the mist would never completly fade away.
Child was well deep into the forest now, and one wrong turn, could lead to a disaster.
As he travelled through the forest, the sound of water gently streaming among the rocks, could have been heard.

He sped up his pace, as his mind was overcomed with slight joy.
For he came across an beautiful river.
It clearly came from the mountains in the north, for the water was pure and cold.

Boy stood beside an enormous boulder near the shore, surrounded by high grass and bushes.
River was wide, and deep. He leaned on the boulder, as he sought the way across.
He couldn't just simply swim across, there was no telling what could be lurking below the river's gentle surface.

His eyes searched upstream for the way across, when he saw something in the distance over the river.
Something, which made him immediately crouch and hide into the high grass.
Not too far away, a werewolf left the shades of the trees.

It came down to the shore, and looked around carefully.
When the beast was certain that the area was safe, it bent down and drank the water from the river.
The beast had a rather delicate and slender body, but muscular nevertheless.
Boy was certain it was a female, for her "charms" could have been noticed, below the thick fur.

Slowly she turned around, and let out a gentle howl.
When three of her cubs, appeared from the forest.
They quickly ran towards their mother, and drank the cold river water.
And whilst they drank, she stood guard. Ready to defend her cubs, if any danger appeared in her sight.

Brief moments passed, and finally the shewolf and her cubs. Went back and disappeared into the forest.
The boy was relieved, and he rose up from the high grass.
When he saw a strange blurry shape below the river's surface.
A shape of a enormous fish-like creature.

He slightly moved away, from the wet river shore. And found a rock lying in the shadow, of the boulder.
Child sat on it, to rest and think for a while.
The other side of the river, suddenly became a dangerous place in his eyes.
For he knew that the lair of that shewolf, was close.

Brief moments passed, as the sound of water and dancing waves. Filled his ears.
The mud on the shore, and the shells in it were bathed with gentle waves of the river.
As if the river itself was alive, and breathing. with each wave, was an exhale.
And each retreat of waves, was an inhale.

Boy rose up, with determination in his eyes.
He went downstream, following the river. In hopes that he will find a suitable place to cross on the other side.

It was noon already, whilst he walked downstream.
The child knew, if the night caught him again. He would have to find a safe place, to spend the night.
When finally, after long walk. He found a narrow part of the river.

In it, he saw a giant old tree trunk lying. It must have fell down durning one of the storms making an ideal bridge to go on the other side.
Carefully, child climbed up on the trunk. And slowly went across.

He safely crossed the river, and for a moment. He saw again an blurry image in the water.
Wasting no more time, the boy went ahead, into the forest.
As he walked, the mist became more thicker every passing hour.

The night, was near.
So he searched the ground, for a piece of long strong wood.
Which he could use as a suitable, staff.

All he saw were some old rotten sticks and leaves with mossy roots of trees.
He looked around the bushes and the wines.

And after a short search, he found a strong branch of Oak.
It would make a perfect staff for the child.
The staff was tall almost as the boy himself, and it was few days old.

As the day faded away, the chilling breeze of night, could have been felt upon the skin.
Whilst there was still some light remaining, he climbed up on one of the trees, which was near.
Relictus climbed all the way up, on the tallest branch.

He comfortably positioned himself on it, as the branch was rather wide and thick.
It could easily support the weight, of such small child.
And as the leaves whispered with the wind, so did the sun fade behind the horizon.

Time flew by slowly, as the boy's mind entered into a sleep.
Only to be awoken by the sound of enormous flapping wings.
As he winced from his sleep, his eyes witnessed a movement of huge wings. In the night sky.

Down in the shadows of the forest, one could not see a true form of an creature.
But up in the sky, the silver light of the moon, revealed the horrors of the night.
And those were Harpies, the books spoke of them as the bird-women.
Who devoured the flesh of their victims, and left the bones to the wolves.

Indeed the tales were told of powerful harpies, who could transform into a women, which possesed a breathtaking beauty.
But now, above the boy, under the light of the moon.
Flew across the sky, an entire flock of bird-women.

For one is never truly safe, in the world outside of the city walls.
Constant danger lurks on the ground, and in the sky.
A lesson, which boy learned too late.

For it was the shadow of the small branches, which kept him slightly hidden.
From the hungry eyes of the Harpies.
One rash move, and the boy would be made meal for the chickens.

He slowed down his breathing, as the beats of his heart, echoed in his ears.
Gawking and partial screaming, echoed from the sky.
As the flock of bird-women, flew to the north and dissapeared behind the white mountains.

Slight relief, came to child's heart. And he took a deep breath, as he looked across the forest.
The forest bathed in the silver light of the moon, and the howling of the wolves echoed from the distance of the forest.
Occasionally a disturbing sound of broken branches, would come from the ground below the boy.
Making him hold for the tree in fear, and search the ground for whatever caused the noise.

But all he would see were shadows, crawling across the earth.
And a dreadful mist, hiding the land from the sight of an eye.
For yet another night had came, and it brought it's horrors with it.

But this time, the boy was prepeared. he found his safety on the top of a tree.
But even there, he was not safe, and he knew that very well.
Sound of thunder suddenly echoed above the land, as the boy saw the dark clouds coming from the south.
Yet another storm, was on it's way.

From time to time, a flash of light would spread across the land.
For in the distance, lightnings raged below the dark clouds.
They would come from above, striking the land with furious might.
And every time they struck, a flash of light revealed the night.

The crowns of trees began to move forcefuly, as the wind became stronger every passing moment.
Naturaly, this was the time when all creatures, sought shelter from the rain.
All living creatures, that is.

For the storm, brought it's own horrors with it.
A horrors of the long forgotten dead.
For durning the storms, the dead would come out to play.

Ghouls, Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, all sorts of abominations.
And even the Werewolves and similar creatures, would stay at their lairs to avoid them.
Child was familiar with the undead, he knew all about them.
For he was the only black mage in the university. Or rather, an only Necromancer.

But even so, they were dangerous to him.
And the boy rushed down the tree, as fast as he could.

Long ago, a war was waged across the entire land.
Thousands of lives were lost, and those who could not find peace in death.
Continued to roam the land, ever hungry for the flesh of the living.

When the boy reached the lowest branch, he first tossed a quick look around the forest.
And indeed, all of the living creatures were gone.
Even the birds and insects silenced, before the coming storm.

He jumped down from the branch, with staff and leather bag in his hands.
The storm had yet to arrive to the area, around the boy. So he had little time, to find a safe place from the undead.
Of course, he would be safe on the tree from the most.

But the storm would pose a great threat to him, also the ghouls absolutely love to hang around the trees.
it was not a problem for a Ghoul to climb, the rotten bastards could climb anywhere with their sharp enormous claws.
For claws were their greatest weapon, sharp as razor blades, they could slice open almost anything.

As the boy stood beneath the tree, a sound of raging thunder echoed above the land.
For he knew not where to hide, his mind simply went out of ideas.
And so he ran, he ran away from the storm.

And as he ran, he stumbled across the same river again.
The boy saw the very tree trunk he used to cross over it.
Raindrop hit his ear, and as he looked up.

Rain began to fall from the dark sky, as the wind howled with fury in it's voice.
And every time the lightning strucked in the distance, a flash of light would reveal the land from dark.
It was over, he had lost all hope of surviving the night.

And so, in silence he walked upstream. Listening to the sounds of wind and thunder.
He grew tired of being alone, and only hoped for a quick death.
The sound of rain echoed, and each drop of rain, made a ripple in the water.
Relictus passed the spot, where he saw a shewolf drink with her cubs.
And he walked even farther upstream to the north.

Only to reach a small cliff and the waterfall.
The cliff was enveloped with enormous roots, moss and grass.
Whilst he looked up, something fell from the waterfall to the river.
Surprising the boy.

The body surfaced up, as the river's current carried it downstream.

It was a strange creature, large eyes, enormous teeth, frog-like head and legs, and the rest was that of an fish.
On it's body a three sharp cuts could have been noticed, like they came from a sword.
But they were precisely placed, beside eachother.
And it seemed more like a slice with a claw, than that of an sword.

When something jumped down from a cliff, on the other side of the river.
The boy quickly hid, amongst the rocks of the cliff. And looked carefuly towards the other side.
From the high grass near the river shore, a rotten hand came out.

The fingers were missing from the hand, and were replaced with claws that of bone.
And as the creature appeard from the grass, it's rotten body could make a person puke.
For one could see the rotten flesh hanging from rib cage.

All the bones could have been noticed, below it's rotten skin.
And the creature walked using both it's hands and legs, for it was the ghoul.
Deformed jaw with enormous fangs, barely hanged from it's skull, as it seemed that it could drop off any moment.

It had no eyes, for it's hollow eye sockets contained horror of death in them.
Slimy worms poured out both from it's hollow eyes, and it's rib cage.
The monster sniffed around, as if it was searching for something.
When suddenly an angry roar echoed in the distance beyond the cliff, and the ghoul crouched up.

"It must have came from the shewolf" the boy though to himself, as he was certain that her lair was close.
The ghoul jumped on a cliff, and it climbed up with ease.
For all undead were drawn to the noise, especially ghouls and zombies.

when the boy noticed something, behind the waterfall. He looked carefuly towards it.
A small narrow cave enterance lay, he quickly went towards the cave, and entered.
Cave was dark, and it seemed to be small. The child rushed out and picked a leaf from the high grass.

And as he re-entered the cave, "Illuminate." he chanted. And the long leaf shun with gentle blue light.
Indeed the cave was small, but it was a good hiding place from the undead and the storm.
The walls of the cave were cold and dark, with occasional holes and roots.
Suddenly he stumbled upon a skeleton of a werewolf, from the way it lay. The creature must have had a very slow death, probably bled to death.

The child sat beside it, placed the staff and leather bag aside. And leaned on the cave wall, looking towards the enterance.
He took out a book from the leather bag, and began to study the spells it contained.
For it seemed, that the rain would not stop anytime soon.

It was midnight, outside the sounds of thunder, wind and rain echoed.
As the enchanted leaf, which the boy used as a small light source began to lose it's light.
Relictus discarded the leaf, for he learned a new, better spell.

The "Allfire" spell, it was the fire which consumed anything, and the water could not snuff it out.
But it took out a great portion of caster's strenght, not to mention that the spell was ment for fully grown up wizards.
And not for the twelve year old children.

He rose up, and put the staff and book aside.

The child took the bones of the werewolf, and positioned them in line across the enterance of the cave.
Last came it's skull, which the boy put atop the pile of bones.
He backed off from the enterance, and spread his arms towards the bones.
"Burn bright, fire of life." he chanted calmly. The sound of raindrops, clashing against the rocks and the river's surface echoed from outside.
As the wind's furious howl, carried wrath of long forgotten dead.

And the bones, stood at the enterance. For nothing happened.
Confusion strucked his mind, as he prepeared to chant the words once more.
"Burn bright fire of life." He chanted the words once again.

But nothing happened. As if the spell was false.
Nevertheless he kept on chanting. And he chanted, and chanted.
Overtime, frustration came to the boy's mind. And it slowly turned into anger.

So great was the boy's anger, that he hit the pile of bones with his leg.
From the wrathful strike, the bones flew all over the place.
The skull flew outside, piercing the waterfall and falling deep into the river.

For the first time in his life, wrath burned in the child's heart.
His eyes held an inferno of anger and hate, within them.
His entire body shook in anger.

Outside awaited the dangerous dead, but there was no room for fear in his heart.
For a sudden urge to burn and destroy, appeared in his mind.

As if some horrible demon possesed him, his mind went blank.
The boy stormed outside with a smile on his face, raindrops hit his skin, and slided down across his body.
And there he climbed up the cliff, rock by rock, root by root.

When he reached the top, the boy noticed a swarm of zombies in the shallows of the river.
He stood up on his feet, and looked towards them. As they surrounded the cave in front of them.
The cave of an Shewolf.

There she was, her body full of bites. But still standing, for she defended her cubs with all her might.
A laughter suddenly echoed across the forest, a laughter of a boy who snapped.
All of the zombies turned to him, as some of the ghouls appeared from the nerby shadows of the forest.

The wraiths and ghost left the crowns of trees, and rushed towards the child.
As their hunger grew even more.

Shewolf looked at the child with confusion, as she quickly took her cubs and ran away into the forest whilst Zombies were distracted.
The child's laughter became more deep and demonic, every passing moment.
As the horde of hungry dead closed in around him.

"Hehe...haha..." The child laughed "Burn..hehe...burn bright fire of life..hahaha.." he giggled as the zombies got even closer to him.
Only in one moment, "BURN BURN BURNNNNN!" the child screamed demonicly.
When blue ion fire exploded from within his soul, and all around him burned in an inferno full of wrath.
His clothes turned into ashes, as they were the first thing which the allfire devoured.

The forest around him bursted into the flames, as the clouds in the sky, were shattered by the furious inferno.
Ground shook, as rocks and smaller objects levitated in the air. As if the gravity itself was destroyed.
A pillar of fire rose above the land, as whole of the world basked in it's light.

In the castle, king slept. As some strange light awokened him.
He opened his eyes, and slowly looked through the large windows.
When he saw a vast pillar of blue ion flames, storming into the sky.
As the clouds themselves, were set on fire.

King jumped out of the bed, and rushed to the balcony outside.
He was speachless.

"By the gods! The apocalypse is here!" One of the guards yelled from below, as the entire city watched, the heavens shatter.
The old guild master witnessed the scene too, from his tower.
Relief enveloped his heart, "That's my boy." and spoke with a smile on his face.

Undead were schorched, plants withered, water vaporized. And the heavens trembled.
His scream echoed across the land, and the mountains.

And in one moment, silence appeared and darkness of the night returned.
The storm was no more, and stars shun in the clear night sky.
Brief moments passed, when an wind swept around the child.
Carrying the stench and ashes of burned dead, and plants.

Still the land was engulfed with small flames around the boy, as the water coming from the mountains, filled the riverbed again.
Naked, child fell on his knees, and passed out near a huge rock on the waterfall.
The world of Nightwalia, a world full of magic. Full of dark creatures.
A world where day, seems like the twin brother of night. And where the sun shines with fading light.
Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Goblins, Orcs and all other abominations live in this magical world.
Such a terrible world, such a cruel place. One should ask himself, is it even possible to live in such world.

And yet, there was a small civilization. A civilization of wizards.
Their nation was once great and powerful, but alas. A great disaster struck, and their glorious nation was destroyed.
With only one and only town, remaining in the world. The wizards made a safe place for all seeking refuge from the night, and the name of the town was Gladeris.
There the people lived in peace, and security. For the magical walls and gates of the town, prevented any intrusions from the monsters of the dark.

If the abomination should even try to break the wall, one of the towers would scorche it to dust and ashes.
And the ever vigilant Mageknights, stood guard on the walls and the gates.

There, some children were gifted with magic. Some were more talented than others, and magical arts were indeed highly renowned.
And to further improve the magical talents of the people, there was an university.
Where young men and women, could expand their knowledge in magical arts.

The university had a special section, where they kept orphans.
Children who lost their parents, to the disaster. And to the horrors of the night.
The children were trained to become Mageknights, a guardians of peace.

One of those few orphans, was the youngest boy in the university.
And strangely, he was one last remaining orphan in it. He was only twelve years old, and for his age. Was a marvelous wizard.
There he lay, in the room once full with children. Now nothing more than a silent tomb, which he called home.

The boy opened his eyes, and slowly rose up from the bed. For it was early morning.
He yawned and stretched, then washed his face with the cold morning water from the bucket. Which was next to the windows.

Room was rather large, for it needed to hold great number of children.
But now, since everyone were adopted. He had the whole room for himself.
The gentle morning breeze, made the ragged curtains dance around the old opened windows.

Cracked walls in the room, allowed some Roaches and other insects inside.
And the damaged roof, barely helped stop the rain from leaking into the room.
All it really was, were some old wooden plankets nailed on top of the building. Nothing more.

He took his hooded black robe from the locker, and dressed up.
Picked up his wooden staff, which was leaned on the old wall beside the bed.
And prepeared for the short trip, to university.

Right about this hour, a mercenary from the nerby barracks would come to wake him up.
When suddenly, someone knocked on the doors and opened them forcefuly.
"Wake up little Rel, time to go-" Then he paused, for the boy stood ready and prepeared for the school, in front of him.
It was the man who wore a light armor and who came and woke him up every day, was a rather cheerful person. He was a hardened veteran, in his middle years.
"You know, you should behave more like a child." he began "It's kinda depressing when youngster such as you take the world too seriously." the man spoke.

"Let's go." The boy said, as he put a bag across his shoulder. He held his staff in the right hand, and rope of the bag in the left.
"Fine fine." Man spoke, as he let the boy out of the room, and closed the doors.
As they walked down the hallway, the man would usually whistle some short tune.

"you know kid," He began "it sure is interesting when you are around the town. Just try not to do anything funny, like the last time.
Heh, I have no idea what you did. But when you ressurected ol' Tom from the dead at his funeral, his wife had a priceless expression on her face." then a man bursted into laughter as he spoke.

"But I apologised to the old lady." The boy answeared quickly, with guilty tone in his voice.
Then they reached a huge wooden doors, and the man opened them.
They found themselves in front of merchant district of the town. In the distance, stood a great wealthy looking building, the university.

"Listen kid" Man began "All I know, is that if it weren't for the guild master. You would be out of the city long ago, the old man protects you like his own son." he spoke with serious tone.
"Just don't make another incident with that black magic of yours, for the sake of the guild master." He spoke.
"I will try." The boy answeared.

"Now then," man pointed towards the university as he put his hand onto the boy's shoulder "walk straight towards the university. And do not make any eye contact with the high class pricks- I mean people." man quickly shook his head "Knowing them, they will probably be offended." he spoke.
An confused expression appeared on child's face, "But why?" he asked.
Then suddenly a man got little angry, "Because WE -you and I- are the POOR folk, and WE are the lower class. Charged of working like horses and protecting the wealthy pigs- I mean high class people." he spoke.

"But the guild master says that all of us are equal." The boy spoke, as he held his staff.
The man just took a deep breath, "Leave it to the guild master to tell fairy tales, and to the king to set the rules." man spoke with angry tone.
A glimmer of sadness, appeared in child's eyes. "I will be going now." child spoke as he walked down the street.

A man just waved to him "Stay out of trouble kid!" he yelled, as the boy dissapeared amongst the crowd.
Then he returned to the barracks, whilst the boy fastened up his pace.
The child disliked the crowd, for it was the place of laughters and mockery.

Only a voice echoed in his head, and it spoke to him "Keep your eyes to the ground." always.
For a grown man, crowd is nothing. For he is like an unshakable rock, in the wrathful river.
Whilst for the child, it is a chaotic storm.

The city was divided in two rings, the outer and the inner, ring.
In the outer ring, the low class people. Grew crops and bred cattle, for food.
And the low class folk, were not so gifted with magic.

Whilst the child walked through the merchant district, plenty of colorful tents were risen.
One could buy all sorts of things, mostly toys, clothes and tools.
The streets were rather clean, houses were wealthly arranged.
And the stone path, allowed horses to drag the carriages of high class men with ease.
For the boy, lived in the inner ring.

And finaly, he left the crowded area of the district. And went through the small alley, which was a shortcut to the university.
It was his small secret passageway, which he used every day.
Whilst he walked down that dirty, dark alley. Someone stepped out of the dark, and stood in front of the child.

It was a local bully, or rather, old Tom's grandson.
From the first sight of him, one could tell that he came from the wealthy family.
He wore a fine suit made of silk, and nice shoes. Which someone like Rel could only dream of.

"Well look what we have here guys," he began "it's that brat from the orphanage!" as he spoke, more of his friends came.
"If I remember correctly, that stupid mercenary called him Rel or something." Another boy spoke.

The child backed away from that bunch of high class kids, he was filled with small fear.
For he saw malice in their eyes, and the way they rubbed their fists wasn't a good sign.
There were atleast five of them, coming towards the young boy.
And their smiles, carried daggers within them.

"This is the one I told you about," Tom's grandson began "he turned my grandfather into a zombie." he spoke.
"Then I think it is time we taught this brat a lesson, with our fists." Another boy said, as the others began to laugh.

The child turned back, towards the street. In hopes that he will outrun them, towards the safety of the crowd.
But alas, yet another two bullies appeared from the crowd. Blocking his way out.
"Hey now, no running away. Play with us a little." One of them spoke, as they giggled.

Knowing well that they ment harm, the child braced himself for the fists.
He knew if he was to harm them with spells, that could cause serious trouble for the old guild master.
But then he saw a rat, coming out of the garbage. Having nothing to lose, he casted a spell on the rat.

Making it his obediant beast. The rat stood in front of the five, and he squeaked and raged at them.
For he hoped that with rat, he would scare them away.
They just laughed, "You think you can scare us with stupid rat!" one of them yelled as the bunch laughed.

Hearing that, the boy bowed his head "Then I have no choice." and he spoke.
Suddenly, the rat began to act strange. And his squeaking gradually turned to roaring.
For the rat mutated and grew sharp claws and fangs. Not only that, but he grew in size.
And was deformed mad dire rat, size of a dog.

Then Tom's grandson and his friends paused, for the moment.
For that "small" rat, was not so small anymore.
A sense of hesitation appeared on their faces, "Look, just leave me alone." the child spoke.

Brief moments of silence followed, when one of them stepped in front of the rat.
"Come on guys, it's just an overgrown rat!" He yelled, and the bunch charged towards the child and the rat.
Rat quickly responded to their charge, with an angry roar. And he jumped at the bunch. Then all hell broke loose.
Whilst the five were busy with the rat, the other two charged towards the child.

One was a short fellow, whilst other was built like a fortress.
The big one grappled the child's arms behind his back, and held him whilst the shorty hit him with his fists in the stomach.
His staff fell out of his hand, for he tried to brake free.
As the fists landed on his body, the young child saw a dying plant behind shorty.

He quickly cast a same spell he used on that rat.
And the plant, mutated and grew.
From where once was flower, now grew a plant with bad attitude and head filled with sharp teeth.

As soon as the plant spotted shorty from behind, it hissed. And it bit shorty for his ass.
The boy screamed like a girl. Hell, his scream would put girl's screaming to shame.
The big guy, quickly threw the child on the ground and went to help his short friend.

As the child rose up to his knees, he saw his dire rat being pummelled by the five kids.
The child quickly took a stone from the ground, he tossed it towards the bunch.
Hitting Tom's grandson in the forehead, making a bloody wound.

A cry of pain left his mouth, as the boy put a hand onto his wound and backed away from the rat.
The other four, surprised by this. Turned their attention to the child now, and slowly went towards him.
Their eyes held hate within, and their fists screamed for blood.
When suddenly, "Oy guys!" one of them spoke "Something is wrong with the rat again!" as he looked frightened.

Everyone looked towards the rat, as his body again began to grow and deform even more.
"No, not again." The child spoke, whilst looking towards the five and the rat.
The rat's body, grew on and on. Until it exploded. And all the blood and entrails, splattered across the alley.
Bathing it in blood and gore.

The rat's entrails and blood, stained their shiny clothes, and a sense of horror appeared on their faces.
Whilst one of them, puked at the sight of the blood and limbs.
Another boy, began to cry and screamed "Mommy!" as he ran away.

The rest soon followed, as they fled in horror. "This is not over witchboy!" Tom's grandson yelled for he was the last one who ran away.
And there he knelt, in an alley painted with blood. And decorated with entrails of a rat.
Tears were about to flow from his eyes, but the child refused to cry.

He rose up on his feet, and cleaned himself as much as he could. From the blood.
Rel picked up the bag, which he dropped, from the ground.
As for the staff, it lay broken on the ground.
The child looked towards the plant, and it too. Suffered the same fate, as the rat.
He made a horror again, luckly it was hidden in the alley. From the sights of the common folk.

He continued down the alley, and the farther he moved from the place where the rat exploded.
The more he felt guilty, occasionally he tossed a quick look towards the spot. But he kept walking, towards the end of an alley.
He quickly took off his robe, and reversed it. Hiding, the bloodstains.

Upon leaving the alley, the gates of the university were few meters away across the street.
The child carefuly looked around, for anyone suspicious.
Much to his luck, the street was almost empty. Except for one beggar, sitting on the doorstep of an old ruined house few paces away.

He quickly ran across the street, towards the gates of university. The gates were made out of gold, and would only allow passage to the pupils of the university.
He gently put his hand onto the gates, and they opened. Allowing him inside the university grounds.
The yard was also empty, for classes were still in progress.

Yard was full of gentle grass and flowers, with a stone path leading towards the main doors.
Line of Pine trees, stood beside the stone path. As the wind made their tall crowns dance with it.
The child ran towards the side enterance of the building, following the small path of dirt.

The building was huge, almost like an castle. And on top of it, was a small tower, where guild master resided.
As he climbed up the stairs, he had to pass through the first and second floors.

Finaly, he reached the third floor, and on the far end of the hallway. Were the stairs leading to the guild master's office.
Whilst he walked down the hallway, he heard voices coming from the classrooms. Sometimes a laughter echoed, through the hallway.
Which made the child, walk faster.

The guild master, was a rather busy man. He managed everything about the university, for it was him who founded it.
As usual, he sat in his chair buried with the paperwork. When suddenly, the doors opened and the child entered.
Soon as he entered, he closed the doors and leaned his back on them.

A sense of relief, could be seen on the child's face. As the guild master looked towards him.
The old man calmly put down the paper and took off his glasses, "What is the matter Relictus?" then he spoke.
Child first took a deep breath, then aproached the table. "I..I have done it again." Relictus spoke with guilt in his voice.

"What did you do this time child?" The old man asked, as he leaned back into the chair. As the long sleeves of his white robe, touched the old wooden floor.
"I-I made a mistake again," the child began "the rat exploded -they ran away -I couldn't do anything." as he spoke he was breathing heavily more and more.
"Calm yourself child." guild master spoke with high tone "Calm yourself first, and slowly tell me everything." whilst taking off his tall pointy white hat.
And slowly put it on the table, beside the old candle.

The child aproached the table, he put his hands onto it. And told everything that happened to him in the alley.
About the Tom's grandson, about how they tried to beat him up.
And how the spell went unstable, and made the rat and the plant mutate.
Lastly, he spoke how they fled in horror, with blood all over them.

After hearing all this, the old man stood up and aproached the large window.
Rays of the sun, greeted his face. As the guild master put up a thoughtful expression.
The boy's innocent green eyes, held no lies in them.
As he looked through the window towards the sky, he made gentle strokes through his long gray beard, with his hand.
"Their parents will certanly complain to me again," he began "there is no doubt about that." as he closed his eyes.
The old man tossed a quick look over the shoulder, "You say they tried to beat you up?" and he asked the young child.

"Yes sir, they did." The child answeard calmly, and nodded with his head.
"Hmmm well then," Old man spoke "I will think of something child, now go to your class and don't worry." as he walked towards the table and sat into the chair.
The boy just bowed his head with worried face, and took a deep breath as he left towards the doors.
"And for the love of god lad, leave that bloody robe here and take another one from the locker there." The old man spoke, as he pointed towards the locker in the corner of the room.

Child in silence left his bloody robe, on the chair which was near the locker.
He took the small dark robe from the wooden locker, and left the room.

Relictus went down the stairs, and the bell suddenly rang. It was time for breakfast, for the students and the professors.
he quickly hid into the corner of the hallway, as the other students and professors rushed downstairs.
The hallway slowly became empty, and when everyone finaly left. The boy went towards his classroom.

"So there you are." When suddenly a voice echoed behind him.
He turned around, only to gaze upon a woman dressed in black.
With cloak made of black werewolf's pelt, and a leather belt carrying on it, a skull.

Her dark iron boots, could crush the very bones themselves. And her deep brown eyes, held arrogance and malice within them.
The long dark hair fell across her shoulders, and her face held beauty and spread deception.
Child was rather frightened, and stepped away from her. When suddenly, she grabbed him for his gentle jaw.
And her iron nails, pierced his young skin.

"I hear you made another 'incident'," she began "you are quite the troublmaker." as her gaze poured fear into child's mind.
The blood came slowly, from his wounds. She tightened up her grip of the boy, and looked closely into his innocent eyes.
Tears poured out of his young eyes, as the pain forced them out.

"Listen up you little brat," she began "my father won't be here to protect you forever. The time will come when I will lead this university, and when that time comes."
rage filled her eyes, and her face began to shake from anger "I will crush you like a worm." as she cruelly pushed him aside.
And the child hit his head of the wall, and crouched as he put his hands onto the spot where he hit his head.

She walked away in silent laughter, and went downstairs.
Few moments of silence followed, as the child sat on the floor.
And cried, deep inside of himself. Why did everyone hated him so much? He never got the answear.

When he finaly calmed down, he rose up. Wiped the tears from his face and went downstairs, for the classes were about to begin.
As he went down, the bell rang. And a swarm of students rushed to their classrooms.
Child stepped aside, allowing the older pupils passage. And saved himself from the stampede.

The hallway became more hollow every passing moment, when the road was clear he went outside. Into the backyard of the university.
University had a forest behind it, and there a class about beasts was held.
Forest was rather beautiful, with songs of the Fadelight birds echoing through it.
Whilst he walked, he wondered. How did that woman found out about his fight with the high class kids, in that alley.

The professor who held the class, was guild master's best friend. He too was an old man, wearing an white robe.
Class was held outside of course, in the nature and beauty of the forest.
As the child aproached the class, professor noticed him.

"Ah, Relictus." Professor spoke "How nice of you to join us, have a seat next to Elisa." as the other students watched him suspiciously.
"What is that on your face lad?" Profesor suddenly asked, as he focused his gaze on the wounds on the child's jaw.
"I scratched myself on my way through the forest." He spoke as he sat near the girl. "Be more careful laddie." Old man spoke whilst smiling. As the other students turned their attention to the professor again.
Then he continued to explain about the beasts and their life.

The boy looked towards the girl named Elisa, when she noticed his gaze.
She was a pretty girl, with blonde hair. And blue eyes.
Wearing an earing, which had a shape of a dragon's head.
"If you say even a word to me, I will kill you." As she spoke, she turned her attention back to the professor.
"So much for friendly girl." He thought to himself, and then opened the book which he took from the chest.

The students in the class, were all older few years from him. Naturaly, they would be unfriendly to the children.

As he read through the pages, "Alright, can anyone tell me about Mandrakes?" the professor asked.
Some students raised their hands, whilst most didn't know the answear.
Elisa too, raised her hand. The child just ignored the question, and kept reading the book.

"Yes Tobius, go ahead." Professor spoke as he pointed towards a young man in the blue robe.
"Ummm, Mandrakes are plants." Tobius responded. Few moments of silence followed, as everyone were expecting Tobius to say more.
But he remained silent. When suddenly everyone bursted into laughter.

Whilst only Relictus, remained serious and silent. Looking at the entire class, as everyone laughed.
Elisa noticed his serious face and paused for a moment, as he returned to reading the book.
She and the rest of the class, were all teenage boys and girls.
And yet a mere child acted more mature than they did.

"Yes Tobius, Mandrakes ARE plants." professor spoke, "But they are also carnivores who devour anything within their reach." as he opened a thick book.

When from the distance, a sound of heavy boots could have been heard.
Everyone silenced, and were struck with confusion.
It sounded like a march of heavily armored troops.
And from the dirt road behind them, appeared a squad of knights.
With prince Malegant at the head.

Suddenly, Elisa became excited. And her face gradually turned red.
It seemed that she was in love head over hills, for the prince.
She quickly stroked her hair, trying to look pretty.

"Dream on." Child thought in himself, as he tossed a quick grim look towards Elisa.

Everyone rose up and bowed as the prince aproached with his royal guard, even the professor.
Malegant stood in front of the students, "Which one of you is Relictus?" and he spoke.
His long dark hair, danced with the wind. As his white armor, reflected the sun rays.

indeed he was a tall man, and was young. One could find beauty and grace, in his gentle face.
But they would be decived, by those beauties.
For below that face, lay a cruel and greedy man.
Brief moments of silence passed, when everyone stepped away from the child.

The child just looked toward the prince in silence. Malegant aproached the boy "I did not expect you to be so young." and spoke.
"But nevertheless, I came here by the wish of Duke Arfonse." The prince spoke "By the royal decree, you are under arrest." as he spoke, so did his knights chained the child.
The professor quickly stepped out of the bunch, as he was indeed shocked with prince's order. "My lord, he is just a child." He spoke with concerned tone in his voice.

Malegant turned his attention towards the professor, "This does not concern you old man, now back away." and spoke with high tone as he gave a grim gaze to the old man.
A fear made the professor back away, and he remained silent.
They took the child, as the students and the professor watched in silence.
The child did not resist, for he didn't know why nor where were they taking him.

As they left the university grounds, a crowd of commoners had gathered on the street.
They greeted the child, with shouts and curses. As the rest of the knights were holding off the angry crowd.
The boy watched, with confusion. And deep inside of him, fear awoke.

When they passed through the university gates, the people shouted "Burn him!" whilst the anger increased within their hearts.
"Kill the son of a witch!" Women yelled from the crowd. And as they tossed all sorts of things at the boy, he just walked in silence with his head bowed to the ground.
"Hold it!" An eldery voice coming from behind them yelled.
It was the guild master who shouted, as he walked as fast as he could towards the knights and their prince.
They all halted for a moment "Oh no, not that old fool again." the prince spoke silently, looking towards the aproaching old man.

"I demand that you free this child." He spoke while standing in front of Malegant.
An slight anger could be seen on prince's face, "You dare order me, old man!?" he spoke as he tightened up his grip of the sheathed sword, which was attached to his belt.
"By what charges are you arresting this child!?" The old man asked.

"Very well, old man I will tell you." Malegant spoke, and then he took out a scroll. And began to read it's content.
"By the decree of royal court, the wizard Relictus is hereby charged with murder of three members of the royal family." And he closed the scroll, as Malegant looked towards old man.
The guild master was shocked for a moment, "But that can't be true!" he began "This child did not murder anyone." he spoke with high tone.

The prince put a smile on his face, "You seem so confident in him old man." he began "Has he filled your ears with lies, or are you too stubborn to face the truth!?" Malegant shouted, and as the crowd heard their prince.
They cheered for him, "God save the prince!" and shouted.
Knowing well, that situation is out of control. "what is to become of the child?" The old man asked.

"That is yet to be seen," Malegant spoke "the royal council has not yet made their final decision." and with one gesture of his hand.
His knights, took away the child.
The guild master quickly went to his office, he took his staff and hat. And headed to the royal castle, where the young boy will be put to trial.

The boy, was afraid. And the chains around his neck and on his hands were heavy.
Knights had no mercy towards the boy, even tho he was still a child.
They dragged him forcefuly through the streets, which were filled with angry crowd.

Stones and other things crowd tossed at the boy. Ocasionally hitting him in the head, arms or shoulders.
Sometimes the knight would raise a shield, to protect himself and the boy from the flying objects.

From the weight of the chains, the child would fall to the ground. Only to be dragged like an animal, in front of the crowd.
His robe tore up, his sleeves tore off from his shoulders. And his arms bore the scars and wounds from the earth.
The robe was destroyed completly, and it looked more like a ragged beggar's shirt, than a robe.

One of the knights took pity on the child, and raised him from the ground.
Dirty and with scars, he began to cry. But he did not allow them to see his fear, he just wept silently.
Tears poured from his eyes, as he wiped them with his bloody and dirty hands.

"Burn the demon child! Kill the son of the witch!" Were the shouts, which came from the angry crowd.
And finally, after all hell and chaos. They reached the castle gates, where the common folk were not allowed.
Upon entering the castle grounds, the knights went to their barracks. Whilst one of them, took off the chains from the boy.
Crushed and without will to live, he kept his head to the ground.

Castle yard was filled with green grass, and tall trees stood near the barracks.
With a stone path leading from the gates, to the grand castle doors.

The strings of his short dark hair, fell across his ears and forehead.
When suddenly, a forceful hit to his back. made him fall to the ground.
"Come on brat, we don't have whole day." The prince spoke, as he went ahead into the castle.

The boy rose to his knees, and suffering, slowly summoned anger into his heart and soul.
Two knights aproached the boy, and grabbed him for his arms. Carrying the child into the castle.
As they entered into the royal castle, the interior was marvelously decorated.

It's long hallway was grand, knights with long spears stood beside the red carpet, which led to the main chamber.
Whilst they carried the child, "Watch it!" one of the guards yelled "Don't let his feet touch the ground, else he I'll stain the carpet!"
The high white walls reflected the sunlight, coming from the small side windows on the walls.

The enormous red curtains with lion head drawn upon them, danced with the wind across the hallway.
For they were the sky, of this vast castle.
Statues of gold in shape of knights, stood at the sides of the hallway every few paces away.

And such arrogant display of wealth, only showed the king's true nature.
They had reached yet another grand doors on the end of the hallway, and the lock had a shape of dragon's jaw.
Knights opened them, and the child witnessed a vast chamber, for it's white walls outmached the height of tall trees.
The floor was clean and shiny, one could see his own reflection upon walking on it.
A large golden throne, with two golden lions sitting beside it. Stood high up the stairs, indicating the supreme rule of the king.

And lower to the ground, were three stone thrones to the left, and three to the right of main golden throne. Indicating the loyality and devotion to the king.
The chamber was rather large and bright, the royal guard stood in circle at the side near the walls, and beside the main doors.
The red carpet in the chamber, was enormous. It covered the center chamber floor, and there was a head of an lion drawn upon it in the middle.
White curtains, with silver strings at the end. Danced with the genlte wind, which came from the small windows from the sides of the walls.

The boy looked around the chamber, but was not amazed by it's beauty.
And there he saw a king, sitting comfortably on his lion throne. The rulers of the six great noble houses, sat upon their stone thrones too.
Each throne was comfortably arranged, just looking at it, one could recognize the wealth of each noble house.
And behind the every throne, were the doors.

For they were, the royal council which ruled beside the king.
Six houses, formed by six great heroes from the "Holy war".
And the seventh hero, was a noble paladin warrior. Now a king sitting upon the lion throne.

As the council prepeared for the trial, an arm gently touched the child's shoulder.
The boy surprised and in fear, turned around. Only to see the guild master standing in front of him.
Brief moments of silence followed, When slight smile appeared on boy's face, as he hugged the guild master.

"My child, what have they done to you." The guild master spoke, with sadness in his voice.
As he held his hand onto boy's shoulder. "So Tacitus, you are a guardian of this child?" The king asked with high tone.
His voice was deep and cold, the crown with dragon's eye in the middle shun from his head.

As his blonde hair, was carefuly stroked behind his ears.
"Of that I am, my lord." The guild master replied, as he looked towards the king.

A slight smile appeared on king's face, as the rest of the council became surprised.
"So you were the one who saved the demon child!?" one of the council members asked in anger.
It was a man, skilled with bow and arrow. And was a fine swordsman.

As he violently stood up from his throne, his long blonde hair jumped across his shoulders.
And his blue eyes, held anger and disappointment.
"Calm yourself Arfonse," The king spoke with high tone "now sit down." and the man in anger sat back into his throne.

"My lord," Guild master began "please release this child. He has done nothing wrong." and then he bowed to the king.
"Nothing wrong?" The king spoke "He has killed three children of the house Arfonse." whilst pointing towards the boy.
Small whispers echoed through the hall, as the council members spoke between eachother.
And the shouts of an angry crowd, in front of the castle gates could have been heard.

"Hear that?" Arfonse began as he pointed towards the doors "Those are voices of people, wanting justice be satisfied this day." and anger within his eyes, increased.
When another of the council members rose up from the throne, it was Lady Aribella.
"The four boys which survived," She began "claimed that they saw this child summon demons to attack them." and pointed towards the child.

She was a shieldmaiden, and a fine warrior. Her eyes held beauty of an red rose, and her hair was red like a fire itself.
For Aribella was an honorable woman, who strongly belived in justice.
The old man looked towards Aribella, "I know what happened," he began "the child told me everything." as he turned his gaze towards the king.
"And he certainly did not summon any demons, nor he killed anyone." Guild master spoke, with strong sense of belief in his voice.

"But he did admit that he fought with the boys?" Aribella asked, as she tossed quick look towards the boy.
The old man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Of that he did." and then spoke.
Aribella returned and sat back into her throne, "Well then, let the boy tell us his side of the story." she said.

Everyone's attention turned towards the child, as they were interested in his side of the story.
Then the guild master looked towards the boy, "Go ahead child, tell them everything you told me." and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder as he spoke.
Boy stepped up, and he told them everything. About how he took a shortcut through the alley, and about the seven kids who ambushed him.
He also mentioned the rat, and the plant. How rat exploded, and everyone fled in horror.

As he finished, he stepped back towards the old man. Whilst uncertainty in his eyes, could be seen.
The council began to discuss this among themselves, and words echoed through the throne room.
"What is going to happen to me, if I am guilty?" The child asked the old man, whilst looking at him.

The old man just gave him a calm look, "Do not burden yourself with such thoughts." and spoke.
Time passed, and the silent words between council members filled the room.
Peace spread through the chamber, only to be interrupted by the king's loud voice.

"Alright everyone! let us make a short break." The king spoke, whilst rising up from his throne.
Everyone in the council were surprised by king's sudden call for break. But they spoke not a word, as all of them went to their own chambers.
King waited for everyone to leave, "Tacitus, come with me." then he spoke.

The old man was confused for a moment, "Wait here child, I will be right back." then spoke to the boy.
And as the King and the old man went upstairs, they dissapeared behind some old iron doors.
which were behind the lion throne.
Boy was alone again, in an room where his fate would be decided. He sat on the ground and crossed his legs.
The child closed his eyes, and cleared his mind from the stress.

The guild master found himself in an old room, where fading light pierced the old dusty windows.
King approached the old wooden doors and opened them, and behind them was a balcony with beautiful view on the city.
"Come Tacitus, let us speak like we did back in the old days." King spoke as he leaned on the iron fence on the balcony, and looked into the distance.
Whilst the soft gentle breeze, moved his long blonde hair.

The castle was seated atop of an large hill, indeed for it was the tallest point in the entire city.

"What do you want Leoric?" The old man spoke, as he stood beside the king.
The sound of the wind filled their ears, and the crimson sky was crowded with large clouds.
Only allowing few rays of the sun, to pass by them.

"So you were the one who caused that explosion, twelve years ago." The king said with serious tone in his voice.
Old man was in silence for few moments, "Yes, I was the one." then spoke whilst looking at the sky.
Leoric just put a smile on his face, gazing into the distance.
"Great wizard Tacitus, one who saved the son of a demon witch." Leoric spoke, and then smirked.

Anger appeared in Tacitus's eyes and spoke "Do not mock me Leoric, all you-" only to be interrupted by Leoric.
"-I saved this kingdom from annihilation!- I slew that demonic witch who sought to destory our people!" King spoke in anger.
His eyes were full of wrath, "Countless lives were lost durning the war, and you would spare the witch and her child!?" and hate as he spoke.

"You slew a defenseless mother, which fought againts frenzied paladin to protect her baby in the cradle behind her!" Tacitus immediately spoke, and in anger too.
Leoric smirked again, as if he hadn't heard Tacitus's words.
"And I suppose 'frenzied paladin' refers to me." He spoke, with grim tone.

Silence swept around them, as the wind became stronger and more agressive by the moment.
"She was an innocent woman Leoric, an innocent woman." Tacitus spoke, with calm and saddened tone in his voice.
The king closed his eyes, as the anger took over him slowly.
"She was a witch, and I gave her death befitting a witch." King spoke "By chopping off that accursed head of hers." and opened his eyes.

"Then our conversation ends here." The old man spoke, and went back to the Throne room.
He opened the wooden doors, "The boy will be condemned to death Tacitus." then king spoke.
Tacitus spoke not a single word, as he left for the throne room.
And soon after, the king followed him downstairs.

The sound of old iron doors opening, echoed through the throne room. And boy opened his eyes.
He rose up on his feet, as the old man stood beside him. With grim look on his face.
The king sat on his throne, and with slight hand gesture, told the guards to summon the rest of the council.

One by one, the council members entered the room, and sat in their seats.
Brief moments of silence passed, as the fate of the child was about to be decided.
"Now let us begin, I trust that you all will judge rightfully." King spoke "Aribella what say you?" and looked towards the lady.

She calmly looked towards the boy, "I say banishment, he is to young for execution." and spoke with calm tone in her voice.
Everyone's attention turned towards Duke Arfonse, who sat next to Lady Aribella.
Leaned back into his throne with a hand on his chin, he only spoke "Death." whilst giving a grim gaze to the boy.

Next to Arfonse, came Elincof. He was a wizard, like Tacitus.
But was younger than the old man, and far more powerful.
He had no mercy towards anyone, not even the children.
And so "I say death." he sided with Arfonse, as a quick fading smile appeared on duke's face.

The boy trembled in fear and uncertainty, for he knew not his fate.
Shall he die, or shall he be banished from the city and left in the mercy of the night.
"I say death." King spoke, without a glimmer of compassion towards the boy.

The old man was rather worried, for voting did not go in their favor.
Three to the one, was the current vote. If this continued the child would indeed be executed in public.
To the right of the king's throne, sat a priestess.

Dahlia was her name, and her healing magic could even bring back the dead to life.
She wore a white dress, as the strings of her silver hair fell out of the shadow from her hood.
A gentle woman she was, and a caring mother of two young girls.

"No child should die in it's early life," she spoke "I say banishment." and rose up from her throne.
With slight hand gesture, she told the boy to come near her.
The child at first hesitated, for he did not trust any of the council members.
But then, he approached her.

"Give me your hand." Dahlia spoke, as her blue eyes gazed upon the child.
He spread his hand, and she gave him a silver necklace in shape of angel wings.
"This will show you the path, in the darkest of nights." Dahlia spoke, as she put the necklace into child's hand.

In silence child took the necklace, "Thank you miss." and spoke quietly.
With sense of gratitude in his eyes, he left back to the guild master. Whilst the priestess sat back into her throne.
"I say banishment." A man with high tone spoke. He was Samael, the strong and honorable warrior.

His seat was next to Dahlia, and was a council member, also her husband.
Samael was a man of few words, it is with deeds that he spoke.
A strong man he was, and his body was that of a mountain.

Next to him, and last of the council, was Dagorath.
An unseen wreatch of a man, who cared not for the fate of the world.
For he was a black knight, a warrior with the blackest of hearts. And he always wore his dark plate armor, and horned helm.
No one knew his face, for it was hidden by his dark iron helmet. Not even the council members, nor the king.

In sense, he too was a demon. Only with human flesh and soul.
Indeed he would put demons to shame, for his gaze carried fear and dread in it.
And his heavy iron claymore, always stood near his throne.

"So basicly, it is I who shalt decide the fate of this child." Dagorath spoke, as he was leaned back in his throne.
His voice was that of an dead man, it could be easily compared to rot and decay.
Tension was high, as Dagorath prolonged the silence.
A whisper echoed through the room, and it surprised the boy. But it seemed that the rest of the council, had not heard it.

The child saw Dagorath's eyes, looking towards the sword which stood in the pedestal near his throne.
Man rose up from his throne suddenly, and took the sword from it's pedestal.
He made one hard swing with the sword, and pointed it towards the boy.
"I say banishment." Dagorath spoke, as the whispers echoed through the room.

For the whispers, came from the sword itself.

And yet again, nobody seemed to have noticed them. Beside the boy himself.
Everyone rose up, as the old man was slighty relieved. The king and the council were shocked, for to hear words of mercy coming out of Dagorath's mouth, was truly a surprise.
"Then it is banishment." King spoke, with grim tone in his voice.

"Guards!" Arfonse yelled "Escort this brat out of the city!" as he called for the knights.
The duke was rather angry, for he wished death to the child.
So great was his anger, that he immediately left the room for his office.

Two knights aproached the boy and the old man, they were about to put chains on the child again.
"No need for those gentlemen, I will show him the way." But the old man spoke, as he held his hands on boy's shoulders.
Knights paused for a moment, and then they stepped aside. Allowing the child and the old man to pass through.

As they went outsied, the council members followed them. They too would escort the boy to the castle gates.
Immediately after they left the castle, the crowd yelled and screamed both in anger and joy.
Some were overjoyed to see the heroes who saved them from "Demon witch". Whilst others wanted to see the boy dead.

The castle gates were swarmed with people, it was impossible to open them.
"How are we supposed to pass through that angry mob now?" One of the knights asked, whilst looking towards the crowd.
When Lady Aribella passed outside the castle gates, and stood in front of the crowd.

"Good people!" She began "The council has passed it's judgement!" the mob silenced, for Aribella was highly respected amongst the people.
While she spoke to the crowd, one of the knights aproached the boy.
He put small chains on his arms, "Don't worry kid, this is just for show." and spoke.

Upon locking the small chains on his arms, the knights stood beside the boy.                            
"-Now I ask you to make way for the outcast!" Lady Aribella spoke, as she finished her speach.  
Most people were satisfied with the council's decision, but some were not.

Nevertheless, the crowd made way for the child and the rest of the knights towards gates.
Gates were fully opened, the boy and knights which escorted him. Left the castle grounds, for the grand gates.
The rest of the council remained behind, and as the boy looked back. He saw a priestess waving gently to him, as an final goodbye.
Whilst they walked through the streets, the crowd watched them in silence. "We are lucky that our Lady Aribella walks with us, or else this would be total chaos." One of the knights whispered, whilst looking around.

Aribella just put a small smile on her face, "Just keep walking." and spoke calmly.
"The tension is so high that I could shit myself." Another knight spoke, for indeed the heavy sense of anger weighted in the air.
Aribella chuckled for a moment, as she put her hand on her mouth. Hiding her smile from the crowd.
And finaly, they reached the grand gates. Beyond them, lay the horrors of Nightwalia.

The gates were huge, for the walls which protected the city, were tall like mountains themselves.
Grand gates slowly opened, as the large magical seals which protected them faded.
A vast forest lay beyond the gates, and safety of the city walls.

The boy and guild master stepped outside, whilst the rest dared not leave the safety of the walls.
Also one of the old man's former pupils went with them, he was a mageknight.
"Now listen to me carefuly child." Old man spoke "Only move durning the day, and lay low durning the night." as they stood outside the gates.

Child just smiled "Do not worry master, I have read everything about outter world." and spoke.
Old man paused for a moment, and he took out a leather bag which he always carried around his belt.
"This bag child, may well save your life in this cruel world." Tacitus spoke "For in it, is a book of spells." as he handed the bag to the child.

With his hands full of scars, the boy took the bag. And put it on the shoulder.
"Thank you master, I will take good care of it." Boy spoke, with gratitude in his eyes.
Old man put a hand onto child's shoulder, as he looked straight into his eyes.
"Remember, use everything that you have learned Relictus." Old man spoke "And be extra careful durning the night, for th-" when suddenly he was interrupted by the mageknight.

"I apologise sire, but the time is out." The man spoke, as he looked towards the guild master.
The old man just noded his head, he turned his attention back to the boy "Take care child." and spoke.
Both of them, went back into the city. When they passed the enterance, the old man turned around.
He waved to the boy, as the grand gates slowly closed. The gates shut, and the clash they made echoed across the forest. And it dissapeared, in the distance.

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